What We Do

Our aim is to work together with our customers in strengthening the usage of information technology in their business strategies, especially towards global competitiveness and K-economy.

Quality of Service

Provide a comprehensive range of IT services, as what is professionally known as a systems integrator, providing not only consultancy but also the software development.

On Demand APP Solutions

Combining unrivaled solutions for the emerging mobile marketplace in our approach. Whether in a small business or an international organization - we work flexibly.

Digital Solutions

We remain compliant with the demand for digital evolution. Our developers handcrafted the transformation of your product into a digital masterpieces.








(Revised and Updated for 2016)

We provide not just technology solutions but also a creative approach to reach your most complicated goal.

Meet Our Team

Our team expertise encompasses design applications in web and content development, system analysis-design-development (SADD), corporate design, technical programming and after sales support service.


Understanding The Context Of A Project Is Important To Evaluating A Project And Incorporating Sustainability Into Ongoing Projects.


A Project Won’t Work Unless The Team Does. It’s No Secret That Teamwork Plays An Imperative Role In The Success Of Our Projects.


Our Primary Challenge Of Project Management Is To Achieve All Of The Project Goals Within The Given Constraints Thru Specific Goals And Meet Success Criterias At The Specified Time.

Our Acheivements with our Clients

Testimonials are recommendations from satisfied clients that affirm the value of our product or service. Below are some compiled comments of our approach and system delivery.

Meshradix system was easy to use. With the on time development, we had analytics functioning, social Salesforce integrated, and landing pages live. There was a vast improvement from the previous system as the development was grounded with system study and constant communication with the company for milestone testing. The system was easy to use and intuitive and we were able to complete our tasks easily.

Meshradix development focuses on ease of use and speed of use. The system was easily executed and accessible for marketing operations. That sums up the difference between the experience with other systems and Meshradix development systems. Complexity is reduced by thorough system study to generate a system for operations. Documentations for users were also clear for operators to take over.


We've rounded up some of the best portfolios. Below are some works covering from offline system to online applications.

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

Internal e-Learning System for internal staffs to improve themselves while the bank keeps track of all staffs progress.

Siemens Intranet

Intranet system for Siemens Malaysia to encourage all departments communications and sharing of department experiences throughout the country.


A smart directory to the entire publika commercial area. It tracks location of every station and directs the user to where the user needs to go to.

Palm Grove

Sales Kit system on tablet which helps sales personnel to show potential buyers the land plot, elevation, different designs of bungalow based on the plot of land and VR walkthru.


Online system for bookings of accomodations, flight, and view of places to visit in and around the user ... all in one stop for travellers.


Online bidding for second hand cars dealings between buyers and sellers. Transparency and Security is the key for user experience in this platform.

Website - Tune Studios

A site design to encapsulate the concept of sound studios and their experience of recording the artists' very own piece of work.


A restaurant website design that serves western, italian, and fusion delicacies. The concept is to portray user experience of classy dining and wine.

Amega Global

The site serves as the landing image for a network marketing company dealing with new age scientific health products, yet to portray a friendly environment of visit for users.

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